Information Technology

Technical Support

The Information Technology (IT) Department as a whole supports our customers with a goal of having our network and systems up and running at 98.86% of the time.

The IT Department strives to maintain a modern technological presence. Our customers for whom we provide support include students, faculty, and staff leading to a maximum level of retention and graduation in support of the College President's institutional goals.


IT Department Locations
Uvalde Del Rio Eagle Pass
Wagner Building Building D Academic & Library Building
(Building I) (Building F)
(830) 591-7323 (830) 703-1500 (830) 758-4109


Wi-Fi Hotspot Access on Campus

SWTJC is providing Wi-Fi access for students, faculty, and staff in parking lots at the Uvalde, Crystal City, Del Rio, and Eagle Pass campus locations. If you need access to Wi-Fi, you can park in a spot within the red highlighted area and access Wi-Fi safely while practicing social distancing in your own vehicle.

Uvalde Campus Wi-Fi Hotspot Parking Lot

Crystal City Campus Wi-Fi Hotspot Parking Lot

Del Rio Campus Wi-Fi Hotspot Parking Lot

Eagle Pass Campus Wi-Fi Hotspot Parking Lot

Information Technology Forms & Resources


VPN Access Request Form

For hardware or software requests, please send a detailed email with your hardware / software request to to begin the request process.


Cisco Jabber Guide for Android

Cisco Jabber Guide for iPhone

Cisco Jabber Guide for Windows

Email Security Best Practices

Installing, Configuring, and Using Fortinet VPN Client for Chromebook

Installing, Configuring, and Using Fortinet VPN Client for Mac

Installing, Configuring, and Using Fortinet VPN Client for Windows

Office 365 Suite Installation Instructions

Office Phone Forwarding and Voicemail Options

Reset Browser Settings Instructions

Wireless Access Instructions

UKG Ready Mobile Quick Guides

The overall appearance and name for Kronos were updated on December 11, 2020. The original mobile app has been discontinued and replaced with a new app, UKG Ready Mobile. The SWTJC Company Shortname is 6140340.
New Employee View:

New UI Navigation Quick Guide for Employees
New Manager View:

New UI Navigation Quick Guide for Managers
UKG Workforce Ready Mobile App:

If you have any questions, please call the IT Department Service Desk at (830) 591-7323

IT Department Organization

Operations & Infrastructure


Computer, Network and Internet Acknowledgement and Consent/Acceptable Use Policy

The purpose of the computers and internet is to support research and education. Appropriate usage is defined as technology and/or Internet resources that are directly related to the curriculum/instruction.

All users of the information systems and resources at SWTJC must abide by certain guidelines. For the most part these guidelines are similar to those pertaining to the other forms of communication at the college. Please understand that if you violate this policy, you are subject to SWTJC discipline as well as local, state, and federal legal recourse.

In general:

  • Users must act ethically and within the law when using college information systems.
  • SWTJC information systems and resources must be used only for SWTJC business and only as authorized by the information owner. Further, users must understand that the information systems and resources, including the email address assigned to them, belong to SWTJC.
  • SWTJC information systems must be used only in ways that benefit SWTJC, ensure compliance with statutory requirements, are cost-effective, and enhance the reputation of SWTJC.
  • Users are responsible for all actions taken using their SWTJC-issued accounts (or other methods of access). Users must not share passwords or other means of access.
  • By using SWTJC information systems, users consent to monitoring, logging and reporting on their use of those systems.
  • Users must use only SWTJC approved methods and technology to connect to SWTJC's network and information systems.
  • Users must not use or disclose sensitive information, or data that is otherwise confidential or restricted, without appropriate authorization.
  • Users are required to report any weaknesses in security controls, incidents of misuse, and violations of SWTJC information system operating and security policies to the Information Technology Department.
  • Users must not purposely engage in activity that may harass, threaten, intimidate, endanger, or abuse others; degrade the performance of information systems; deprive an authorized user access to a SWTJC resource; obtain resources beyond those allocated; or circumvent technology security measures.
  • Users must not allow incidental personal use of SWTJC information systems to result in any embarrassment or non-trivial cost to SWTJC.

Specifically, the following uses are prohibited:

  • Illegal activity.
  • Commercial or for-profit purposes.
  • Product advertisement or political lobbying.
  • Hate mail, discriminatory remarks, and offensive or inflammatory communication.
  • Unauthorized or illegal installation, distribution, reproduction, or use of copyrighted materials.
  • Transmission of material likely to be offensive to recipients.
  • Intentional obtaining or modifying of files, passwords, and data belonging to other users.
  • Impersonation of another user, anonymity, and pseudonyms.
  • Loading or using of unauthorized games, programs, files, or other electronic media, including, but not limited to, the usage of floppy diskettes, CD-ROMs (audio and computer), DVD-ROMs, and USB flash drives/USB storage devices.
  • Disruption of the work of other users.
  • Destruction, modification, abuse or unauthorized access to network hardware, software and files.
  • Quoting of personal communications in a public forum without the original author’s prior consent.


System security is protected through the use of passwords. Failure to adequately protect or update passwords could result in unauthorized access to personal or official files. To protect the integrity of the system, the following guidelines shall be followed

  1. Employees and students shall not reveal their passwords to another individual.
  2. Users are not to use a computer that has been logged in under another student's or employee's name.
  3. Any user identified as a security risk or having a history of problems with other computer systems may be denied access to the network.
  4. All account passwords must comply with the following minimum password complexity requirements:

    • Must be at least nine (9) characters in length; and
    • Must be changed at least every 90 days.

    Account passwords must also:

    • Contain a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and special characters;
      • NOT re-use any of the account’s last 4 passwords; and
      • NOT include personal information such as your name and account name.

Employees and students must understand this policy and comply with it. The SWTJC IT Department can be contacted at (830) 591-7323 if you are in need of additional information or clarification.

Additionally, please understand that if you violate this policy, you are subject to the SWTJC discipline code as well as local, state, and federal legal recourse.