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Arts, Humanities, and Communications

Del Rio Students – Laura Gloria A-F, Eva De Anda G-O, and Sandra Montes P-Z

Eagle Pass Students – Sonia Alvarez A-D, Claudia Valdez E-K, and Claudia De La Garza L-Z

Uvalde Students – Rosy Arellano A-K and Phillip Botello L-Z

White globe logo over a photo of an art student painting on an easel
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Business, Industrial, and Technical Studies

Del Rio Students – Sandra Montes

Eagle Pass Students – Diana Rodriguez

Uvalde Students – Luis Ruiz
White bar chart logo over a photo of two students studying an air conditioning unit
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Health Sciences

Del Rio Students – Eva De Anda

Eagle Pass –  Samantha Alfaro A-K and Sonia Alvarez L-Z

Uvalde Students -Teresa Crow A-K and Olivia Guerrero-Rish L-Z

White medical cross logo over a photo of a nursing student injecting a patient in the arm
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Public Safety and Human Services

Del Rio Students – Laura Gloria

Eagle Pass Students – Samantha Alfaro

Uvalde Students – Ana Lisa Conde A-K and Luis Ruiz L-Z

White shield logo over a photo of cadets practicing at the range
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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
Clara Encinia
White gears logo over a photo of two students working on a science project in a lab classroom
TRiO Student Support Services

Faith Ibarra

Marysa Martinez

Jesus Castorena, III

Ryan Alldritt

White graduation cap logo over a photo of a TRiO SSS student sitting on green grass in front of a brick and white picket fence