Law Enforcement Academy Certificate Level 1 (43.0107)

Law Enforcement Academy Certificate Level 1 (43.0107)  Uvalde and Eagle Pass Campuses

Law Enforcement Academy Purpose

The purpose of the Middle Rio Grande Regional Law Enforcement Academy’s Basic Peace Officer course, a 704 hour course of study, is to prepare prospective law enforcement officers for the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement TCOLE Certification Exam. The Academy also offers TCOLE in-service courses at both intermediate and advanced levels for the purpose of enhancing the Peace Officers’ level of proficiency and meeting training requirements. Students who successfully complete the Academy will earn a Level 1 Certificate in Criminal Justice and will be able to sit for the TCOLE Basic Peace Officer State Exam. In addition, upon successful completion, the student may apply the Level 1 Certificate towards the Criminal Justice Associate of Applied Science (AAS – Basic Peace Officer option).

Admission Requirements- Basic Peace Officer Program

To be admitted, a prospective student must comply with TCOLE rule 217.23 in addition:

• be a U.S. citizen. 
• be 20.5 years of age (18 w/60 college hours or 2 yrs. active duty) 
• must have High School Diploma or GED 
• have no felony conviction. 
• have no conviction of Class B misdemeanor in the past 10 years. 
• not currently be under indictment for any violation. 
• have never been convicted of any level of Family Violence. 
• not be prohibited by Federal or State law from operating a motor vehicle. 
• not be prohibited by Federal or State law from possessing firearms or ammunition. 
• The Level I Certificate is TSI-waived; however individuals are encouraged to take the TSI Assessment and, if necessary, enroll in the appropriate developmental education courses in preparation to continue to the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Criminal Justice. Individuals who have Military Exemption or individuals with a B.S. or B.A. degree or higher will not be required to test.
• complete an SWTJC Application for Admission. 
• submit a completed Criminal History Check form (FAST form). 
• be physically sound for the performance of duty appropriate to the type of license sought. Submit Physician, psychological and Drug Screening results (TCOLE L-2 & L-3 Forms).
A student who has completed all coursework for the A.A.S. Criminal Justice degree except for “Basic Peace Officer” courses (CJLE 1506, CJLE 1512, CJLE 1515, and CJLE 1524) may apply to the Middle Rio Grande Law Enforcement Academy in order to complete these courses.

Program of Study

Law Enforcement Academy Certificate add

Program of Study

Law Enforcement Academy Certificate Program of Study
Course Number Title Credit
EDUC 1100π Learning Framework
COLS 0300 College Success Skills
CJLE 1506 Basic Peace Officer I 5
CJLE 1512 Basic Peace Officer II 5
CJLE 1518 Basic Peace Officer III 5
CJLE 1524 Basic Peace Officer IV 5
Total Credit Hours for Certificate 20


π All students are required to take EDUC 1100 or COLS 0300; however, EDUC 1100/COLS 0300 do not count toward degree requirements.

Tuition and Fees 

Students enrolling in the Academy pay regular college tuition, fees and additional surcharges.  Additional fees are also required prior to admission upon acceptance to the program.  The following fees are approximate costs identified to assist the student in financial planning (Note: prices vary from year to year):

  • CPR Book Fee = $27.00
  • State Test Fee - $35.00

Prior to Acceptance to the Academy

  • Students MUST be approved by TCOLE fingerprint screening systems. Students must make an appointment with FAST services online - $37.00.
  • The Level I Certificate is TSI-waived; however individuals are encouraged to take the TSI Assessment and, if necessary, enroll in the appropriate developmental education courses in preparation to continue to the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Criminal Justice.
  • Physical and Drug Screening (L-2 form) must be completed by a licensed physician – prices vary depending on your physician. (Chiropractors and Out-of-State Physicians are not approved).
  • Students must complete a Psychological exam (L-3 form) with an approved Academy physician (contact the Academy office for physician information) - $100.00 

Upon acceptance to the Academy

Once a student has been accepted into the Middle Rio Grande Law Enforcement Academy, the following purchases will need to be made:


  • Uniform purchases MUST be made with Galls and 3D Impressions: (prices subject to change)
    • Khaki tactical pants (no specific vendor)
    • Royal Blue performance polo, short sleeve or long sleeve shirt with the Academy logo screen printed on the upper left breast. The cadet’s name will be screen printed on the upper right breast
    • The screen printing will be white for the class uniform on the royal blue polo shirt. The PT uniform is a gray shirt with black print, and black shorts with white print
    • All duty gear in black color (no specific vendor)
    • Kydex Holster – Black in color
      • Glock Model 22
    • Academy Headcover (cap with Academy seal) Royal Blue in color
    • Black Duty Boots (Minimum 8” high) – Prices vary
    • Grey T-Shirt with name on front, right side, Academy seal on the left side, cadet name in the back of the shirt (3” block letters)
    • Black Shorts/Black Sweatpants/Black Windpants with Academy logo
    • White crew socks
    • Running sneakers
  • Books purchased through SWTJC bookstore: (Priced at campus bookstore)
  • Ammunition
    • 800-1,000 rounds of .40cal. S&W for Glock Model 22 pistol
    • 50 rounds of 12GA. Shotgun Ammunition for Remington Model 870: 25 rounds of Birdshot, 15 rounds 00 (9 Pellet Buckshot), 10 rounds of Slugs
    • 600 rounds of .223 REM of 5.56 NATO rifle ammunition
  • Testing
    • State Exam - $35.00


Withdrawal and Dismissal Policy

Southwest Texas Junior College Middle Rio Grande Law Enforcement Academy reserves the right to request the withdrawal of any student whose health, attendance, conduct, personal qualities or scholastic records indicate that it would be inadvisable for the student to continue in the program.  Students must maintain a minimum grade of 80 in all areas of the academy program.  Students withdrawing from the academy must comply with the SWTJC withdrawal policy and must participate in an exit interview in order to remain in good standing.

Law Enforcement Academy Class Schedule

Daytime Classes

Alpha Class – Uvalde; M-F, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 

Evening Classes

Bravo Class Night Academy – Eagle Pass; M-TH, 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Law Enforcement Academy Resources

In-service Training

Contact Middle Rio Grande Law Enforcement Academy

J Suarez
Jesus Suarez
Allied Health and Human Services Division Chair
(830) 591-7364
A Davila
Librado (Andy) Davila, Jr.
Law Enforcement
Academy Coordinator
(830) 591-7257 
A Maldonado
Amy E. Maldonado
(830) 591-7248
E Zamora
Emmanuel Zamora
(830) 591-7314
T Zamarripa
Teresa Zamarripa
Law Enforcement
Academy Assistant
(830) 591-4158