Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Southwest Texas Junior College's strategic plan sets forth the process used to advance its mission.  At its highest level are three broad goals; namely, Learning, Quality, and Efficiency. 

Strategic Objectives cover a fixed time span (ordinarily 5 years) and target improvements in specific areas of the broader goals. 

All college planning activities are tied directly to one or more of these objectives and therefore contribute to the advancement of the college’s mission

Strategic Goals

Institutional Goal 1: Identify and serve the learning needs of the Community (Learning) add

Strategic Objectives:

S1-1  Increase the percentage of developmental education students who become college-ready and complete gateway course in timely manner

S1-2  Increase the number and percentage of students achieving 15/30, completions (core, certificates and degrees), and transfers with 30+ semester credit hours

S1-3  Increase the number of students majoring, graduating and transferring in STEM

Institutional Goal 2: Cultivate Excellence in Teaching, Instructional Delivery, Student Services, and Administrative Support (Quality) add

Strategic Objectives:

S2-1  Improve student services in advising and counseling; at-risk management; enrollment management; and registration.

S2-2  Increase course based success

S2-3  Full Career Pathway implementation

S2-4  Develop a systematic plan to address deferred maintenance issues in Physical Plant, Distance Learning, and Information Technology

Institutional Goal 3: Provide Reliable and Sustainable Resources and Funding for the College (Efficiency) add

Strategic Objectives:

S3-1  Procure local, state and national resources (grants & gifts) to benefit the college

S3-2  Improve operational efficiencies by increasing the financial resources of the college