Housing and Dining

Dormitories are open at 50% capacity and the Matthews Student Center Cafeteria is open at 100% capacity with restrictions for the Fall 2021 Semesters.


Application Process:

  1. Complete the SWTJC Student Housing Application.

  2. Receive a bacterial meningitis vaccine. This is state-mandated. Please note that a complete bacterial meningitis vaccine takes 10 days (to determine the absence/presence of the virus). You will not be eligible for housing until you have completed the vaccine process.

  3. Turn in the application, documentation of bacterial meningitis vaccine, and $150 deposit to the SWTJC Business Office (located in the Flores building).
  4. Must complete, sign, and turn in the Housing Contract to Business Office.

Safety Measures:

  • Students are required to wear face masks when indoors, engaging in social interactions/environments on SWTJC campuses and outdoors if unable to maintain a six-foot separation from other individuals.
  • All faculty and staff are required to wear a mask when indoors and not alone in their personal office or behind plexiglass. In addition, employees will wear a mask outdoors if unable to maintain a six-foot separation from other individuals.
  • Students will reside in a single occupancy room - 1 student to 1 restroom (25% Occupancy - limited availability)

  • Open spaces and laundry rooms will have limited occupancy, students must practice social distancing
Lobby areas are limited to 50% capacity
  • Kitchenette is in use

SWTJC Hubbard Hall Re-open Plan for Fall 2021 add

This plan was developed according to the guidelines set forth in Governor Abbott’s ‘OPEN TEXAS’ plan. In addition to the minimum standards illustrated in the ‘OPEN TEXAS’ plan, several additional protocols to protect the safety and health of all employees and students are included.

  • The building custodian will “sanitize/disinfect” the entire building each morning before 8:00 am.
  • Staff workspaces will be cleaned and disinfected at least two times per day
  • Student workspaces will be cleaned and disinfected after each use and at the end of the workday.
  • Common spaces such as doorknobs, light switches, etc. will be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Students are encouraged to wash or sanitize their hands frequently throughout the day. This includes, but is not limited to after using the bathroom, after sneezing, coughing, or blowing their nose, after touching any documents provided by students, and before and after sanitizing student workspaces.

Additional COVID-19 Expectations for students:

Currently, the vaccine is to protect against contracting COVID-19. If you plan to live on campus in our residential community, you are subject to public health risks, therefore; SWTJC Housing highly encourages you to be vaccinated.

Building Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines Among Your Patients

When Will College Students Get the Coronavirus Vaccine?

College leaders say that a return to a normal campus life depends on the COVID-19 vaccine. While college students and younger faculty and staff may be among the last in line to be inoculated, most should be eligible within the next month.

On the same day he signed the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, President Joe Biden urged states to expand vaccine eligibility to all adults by May 1. Now, Biden says 90% of adults in the U.S. will be eligible for COVID-19 shots by April 19. He is calling on states to make all adults eligible by May 1.

The feasibility of this timeline depends on individual state rollout plans. Six states including Texas have started administering vaccines to anyone 16 or older. According to the White House, 31 states have so far said they will offer vaccinations to all adults by April 19.

In order for this community to succeed, the people living and working in the community must have a sense of ownership and take care of each other and the community environment.

The best way to protect yourself and the community from infection is to avoid being exposed. You can reduce your risk by taking the following measures:

  • Students are required to wear face masks when indoors, engaging in social interactions/environments on SWTJC campuses and outdoors if unable to maintain a six-foot separation from other individuals.
  • Maintain a distance of at least six (6) feet between yourself and others when outside your living unit.
  • Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use hand sanitizer and surface wipes liberally.
  • Clean and sanitize my personal and shared living spaces regularly (Daily/Weekly).
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • Avoid close contact with anyone who is sick. Stay home while you are sick.
  • SWTJC Housing will support a healthy and successful residential community.
  • Residents are required to comply with health and safety laws, orders, ordinances, regulations and health and safety guidance adopted by the college housing department as it relates to public health crises, including COVID-19. This guidance will evolve as the public health crisis evolves and may include, but is not limited to social distancing, limitations on mass gatherings, wearing a face covering, COVID-19 diagnostic and surveillance testing (including before and upon arrival to campus), contact tracing, disinfection protocols, limitations on guests into housing and quarantine/isolation requirements (including before or upon arrival to campus).
  • Social distancing is important to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and each member of the housing community has a responsibility to protect themselves, roommates, neighbors, classmates, faculty, staff, and the greater community with whom all these individuals interact.
  • Individuals may have and/or spread the COVID-19 virus without knowing. Residents are encouraged, but not required to wear a face-covering.
  • Residents should monitor health daily and contact a medical provider within one (1) business day and quarantine within their bedroom if experiencing fever and respiratory symptoms (such as coughing or difficulty breathing) OR have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Quarantine means NO human contact with ANYONE including roommates, friends, family and especially going into the public. For immediate medical care after-hours, call a local urgent care clinic or other provider. For all medical emergencies, call SWTJC Police at (830) 279-1861.
  • Residents must notify Resident Assistants or Dorm supervisor if experiencing symptoms, have been in close contact, or been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Visitation is suspended as long as social distancing measures remain in effect and no visitors are allowed in residents' units/dorm rooms. Visitors will be escorted off campus by the Housing Director and Campus Police if needed at any time.
  • Housing may find it necessary to take specific actions to protect the public health of residents including decreased access to community public areas, entrance/egress points, stairway access and travel, lounges, neighborhood centers, and other common areas.
  • Residents are expected to adhere to the entrance, exit, travel, and spacing guidance designed to minimize contact in areas where social distancing may be difficult. SWTJC will not designate ‘closed’ stairways or exits, except in case of emergency.
  • Information will be communicated via email and the Housing and Dining webpage (this page).
  • Residents may be required to relocate to another location to self-isolate in the event of a positive test for COVID-19 and unable to utilize their evacuation location during the self-isolation period.
  • Residents are expected to have an evacuation strategy in place should they need to isolate due to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, college housing or the college closes. 

Temporary Daily screening of each student who is checking in will take place before entering the building/ move in:

  • Temperature check
  • Sanitize or wash hands
  • A colored wristband will be placed on the wrist of those who successfully complete the screening.
  • There will be one point of entry/exit for the building where check-in stations are located. The point of entry/exit is the double glass doors of Hubbard Hall.

Food Services

For further information on any of our services or to request campus meeting catering please contact Steven Garner, Food Services Manager, at (830) 591-7239.

Cafeteria Phone: (830) 591-7243

Matthews Student Center Hours:

Cafeteria Hours
Monday - Thursday
7:00 am to 2:00 pm
7:00 am to 12:00 pm

Note: In order to maintain the health and well-being of the SWTJC community, all items are individually wrapped for grab-and-go eating. The maximum capacity of the dining area is 72 with tables set up for social distancing.

The cafeteria accepts cash, checks, most major credit cards, and SWTJC SmartCards. 

SmartCards are issued to students and employees that can be used to check out books at the library, pay for printing, pay fines at the library and pay for food at the cafeteria.

Students or employees interested in the card can visit the Library to get the card and load it with money at the Business Office.  While the first card is free, replacement cards cost $25.