Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Contact Information

2401 Garner Field Road - Richarz Building
Uvalde, TX 78801
Fax: (830) 591-7354

R Zimmerman
Dr. Renee Zimmerman
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
(830) 591-7326
C LaRue
Carol LaRue
Assessment Coordinator
(830) 591-7324
M Gonzales
Marcos Gonzales
Research Associate
(830) 591-7319
G Cruz
Gloria Cruz
Research Associate I
(830) 591-7221


Helpful Links:

SWTJC Glossary
Code of Ethics for Institutional Research
Institutional Information Manager (WhippleWare)
SWTJC Quick Facts
SWTJC Student Profile
THECB On-Line Institutional Resumes

Assessment, Planning, and Research

Assessments & Review



Research & Reports

Annual Developmental Education Report (DevED 2013)

Quick Facts is an annual publication from the Office of Planning & Research which gives a brief overview of SWTJC, programs offered, demographic information, and financial information.

Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE Fall 2016)

Graduate Success Report (October 2013)

Headcount by Semester 
Headcount, FTE, SCH & CHR

Trellis - Student Financial Wellness Survey

     Up Front Newsletter December 2018 – Trellis Student Financial Wellness Survey
     Student Financial Wellness Survey – Preview Report for Texas Pathways Institute Participants

End of Year Board Report - 2017 - 2018 Institutional Effectiveness Performance Measures

Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)