Innovation Grants Award List

Innovation Grants

Grant Award List

Year Award Recipient Department Title
2023 Armando Mondragon Arts and Sciences Early College Academy Banquet in Eagle Pass
2023 Vanessa Briones Cosmetology Skills USA Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia
2023 Daniel Tidwell Wildlife Management Investigating Internal Parasite Loads in White-Tailed Deer Located in Acadia Acres
2022 Dr. Dean Wiemers and Daniel Tidwell Wildlife Management Scaled Quail Food Preference Study
2022 Veronica Williams Humanities Club 4th World Conference on Social Sciences Studies in Paris, France
2022 Kathryn Ayala and Dr. Nancy Masterson Social and Behavioral Sciences SWTJC Employee Wellness Program
2022 Dr. Aide Escamilla Social and Behavioral Sciences Remembering Friends Friendship Bracelets
2022 Yvette Mirelez Financial Aid Student Christmas Social