Garner shows H.E.B. employees appreciation with free meals

Garner shows H.E.B. employees appreciation with free meals

What does a culinary specialist do when there is no one to feed? This is what Steve Garner, SWTJC Food Services Coordinator pondered since returning to work to a semi-empty cafeteria after spring break.

SWTJC students were notified last week not to return to campus due to the Coronavirus outbreak. On top of that, a portion of the college’s employees have been working from home, which leaves Garner and his staff with very few people to feed.

Garner was buying groceries last week and witnessed how hard H.E.B. employees were working amidst the Coronavirus situation.

“I was in there one day and realized they were working extremely hard but were kind and professional,” said Garner. “I didn’t think a simple ‘Thank You’ would be enough; it was then I decided to do something more for them. I’m sure the last thing any of those employees would want to do is go home and cook after a long hard day at work, so I figured a homecooked meal would be a perfect way to show them some appreciation.”

According to Garner, the college was generous enough to allow him to use their kitchen and supplies.

Garner, his daughter Charley and father Mike loaded up their vehicles and dropped off the 40 King Ranch Casseroles that he cooked. Each casserole could feed a family of four.

Roy Hernandez grocery manager was on duty when the Garner’s dropped off the meals.

“Our partners are working hard, and no one deserves this more than they do. Thank you to Steve and SWTJC,” said Hernandez.

Garner also said, “The folks at H.E.B. have always been there for us, anytime we need anything they come through for us at SWTJC. I wanted to use this opportunity to show them how much we appreciate what they do for the college and the community.”

Garner’s random act of kindness is an example of how we should all come together during a crisis.