House Bill 2504

In October 2009, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 2504 requiring all public institutions of higher education, other than a medical and dental unit, to make available the following information on the institution’s website.


Faculty Syllabus, Curriculum Vitae, and Student Evaluation Requirements

A syllabus and curriculum vitae that satisfy any standards adopted by the institution along with end-of-course student evaluations of faculty must be available for each classroom course.

Faculty Directory Listings


Fiscal Year Budget Report

A departmental budget report of the department under which the course is offered, from the most recent semester or other academic term during which the institution offered the course.

2018 Operating Budget

2017 Operating Budget Amended

2017 Operating Budget

2016 Operating Budget

2015 Operating Budget

2014 Operating Budget

2013 Operating Budget

2012 Operating Budget

2011 Operating Budget


Work-study Employment Opportunities

An online list of work-study employment opportunities, sorted by department, as appropriate, available to students on campus and accessible to the public through a clearly identifiable link that appears in a prominent place on the financial aid page of the institution’s website.

Student Employment Listings


Additional Requirements

The information required must be accessible from the institution’s website home page by use of not more than three links; searchable by keywords and phrases; and accessible to the public without requiring registration or use of a user name, password, or another user identification.

The institution shall make the information available no later than the seventh day after the first day of classes for the semester or other academic term during which the course is offered.

In addition, the institution shall continue to make the information available on the institution’s website until at least the second anniversary of the date on which the institution initially posted the information.