Welding Technology Certificate Level 1 and 2 and A.A.S. (48.0508)


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L Valdez

Connie Buchanan
Business, Industrial, and Technical Studies Division Chair
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Albert Ybarra
Instructor - Uvalde
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Leopoldo Valdez, Jr.
Instructor - Uvalde
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R Zavala

Richard Villarreal
Instructor - Uvalde
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Richard Cisneros
Instructor - Crystal City

Jose Zavala, Jr.
Instructor - Eagle Pass
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S Griffin

Shad Griffin
Instructor - Eagle Pass



Welding Technology is program for those who desire to gain advanced knowledge and skills in the field of welding.  Skills in Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting and Shielded Metal Arc Welding will be developed along with related learning in areas such as welding math, drafting, layout, blueprint reading and structural and pipe fabrication The Welding Technology program carries three award options: a Level 1 Certificate, Level 2 Certificate and an A.A.S. degree.

Admission Requirements

Students are admitted through regular college admission procedures (see Admission Regulations section).  Students will receive a one-year Certificate upon satisfactory completion of the courses of study and upon making formal application for graduation (see Curricula section). 

The Level 1 Certificate is TSI exempt, however, those not meeting Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements are encouraged to enroll in the appropriate developmental course(s).

Students pursuing the Level 2 Certificate or A.A.S. degree must meet all TSI requirements.

Program of Study

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