Swim Team

Swim Team Mission Statement

The Southwest Texas Junior College Tsunami Swim Program provides opportunities for swimmers of all ages to expand swim skills through training, guidance, and competition.  The SWTJC Tsunami Swim Team is a developmental swim program designed to meet the needs of all levels of competitive swimmers.  The structure of the club is set up to provide basic competitive skills and introduce advance-training fundamentals as the swimmer progresses.  The club participates in USA Swimming competitions.  Our program works to develop and build a swimmers technical skill, self-esteem, and strives to build character. 



Promote a nurturing environment where swimmers may experience dedication, passion, discipline, and friendship through the sport of swimming.  SWTJC Tsunami Swim Team promotes swimming as a lifelong healthy sport that balances competition with team collaboration.  Therefore SWTJC Tsunami Swim team is an advocate in promoting teamwork, self-discipline, friendship, perseverance, and pride.  All of which are life skills that will help shape successful futures.  Competition with compassion and dedication will help swimmers respect diversity and conquer adversity. 

Swim Team Contact Information

R Fowler
L Fowler

Robert C. Fowler
Swim Team Instructor
(830) 591-7211
(830) 591-7359 Fax 

Landra L. Fowler
Swim Team Instructor
(830) 591-7241
(830) 591-7359 Fax 

Swim Team Summer 2015 Schedule


Summer 2015 session begins June 9, 2015.

Tsunami Swim Training:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

3 pm - 4 pm

Fee: $192.00

Practice Dates

Week Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
1 6/9/2015 6/10/2015 6/11/2015
2 6/16/2015 6/17/2015 6/18/2015
3 6/23/2015 6/24/2015 6/25/2015
4 6/30/2015 7/1/2015 7/2/2015
5 7/7/2015 7/8/2015 7/9/2015
6 7/14/2015 7/15/2015 7/16/2015
7 7/21/2015 7/22/2015 7/23/2015
8 7/28/2015 7/29/2015 7/30/2015
9 8/4/2015 8/5/2015 8/6/2015

Meet Dates





Saturday Practices/Swim Meet

Dates listed for Saturday are subject to change depending on swim meet dates.

Print Version: Click here for Practice Schedules (.pdf)