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Welcome to Southwest Texas Junior College, one of the top ten community colleges in the United States!

Founded almost 70 years ago, we have grown from a small, one-campus college into a wide-reaching college system. Along with three main college campuses and multiple outreach sites, we also offer dual credit courses in high schools throughout our eleven county service region. Additionally, we work closely with state and national four-year colleges and universities to support and encourage continuing education through transfer.

Our goal is to provide every student with what they need to become successful. We offer degrees in a broad range of fields and disciplines, including Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Associate of Applied Science. Certified technical programs are available for students who wish to learn or improve upon a trade skill. We support a wide student demographic with programs that include English as a Second Language and Adult Basic Education.

As a growing institution, we are continuously evaluating and improving our offerings to students. In recent years we have taken steps to improve and update facilities, sometimes building new structures or introducing new technology, sometimes updating existing spaces. Our online presence has increased with more internet classes, greater wireless access at our sites, more smart classrooms, a re-designed website, and social networking connections. Even our organizational structure has been updated for greater efficiency and better student access to administrative channels. 

Southwest Texas Junior College administration, faculty, and staff work hard to make SWTJC both an excellent education and an excellent college-going experience. We are here for our students – their success is our success. 

Dr. Hector Gonzales
Southwest Texas Junior College

Who to Contact

Advising and Counseling Centers

  Uvalde Campus   (830) 591-7271
  Del Rio Campus   (830) 703-1560
  Eagle Pass Campus   (830) 758-4102
  Crystal City Campus   (830) 374-3378
  Pearsall Campus   (830) 334-5004
  Hondo Regional Training Center   (830) 426-2018
  Medina Valley Higher Learning Center   (830) 762-3006
  Crystal City Campus, Administration Building   (830) 374-2828

Disability Support Services

  Krystal Ballesteros   Uvalde, Crystal City, Hondo, Pearsall Campuses   (830) 591-2908
  Ana Lisa Conde   Uvalde, Crystal City, Hondo, Pearsall Campuses   (830) 591-4152
  Brenda Hoffman   Eagle Pass Campus   (830) 758-4102
  Krystal Ballesteros   Del Rio Campus   (830) 591-2908
  Cruz Mata   Crystal City Campus   (830) 374-3378

Financial Aid

  Uvalde Campus   Flores Student Services Building   (830) 591-7368
  Eagle Pass Campus   Administration Building   (830) 758-4117
  Del Rio Campus   Administration Building   (830) 703-1507

Library Services

  Uvalde Campus   Will C. Miller Memorial Library   (830) 591-7254
  Eagle Pass Campus   C Building   (830) 758-4107
  Del Rio Campus   DR-B Building   (830) 703-1574

Registrar/ Admissions Offices

  Uvalde Campus   Flores Building   (830) 591-7255
  Eagle Pass Campus   Administration Building   (830) 758-4100
  Del Rio Campus   Chandler Building DR-C   (830) 703-1550

SWTJC Administrators

  Vice President Construction Projects   Vacant   (830) 591-7284
  Vice President Student Services   Margot Mata   (830) 591-7223
  Vice President Finance   Anne Tarski   (830) 591-7294
  Vice President Academic Affairs   Dr. Mark Underwood   (830) 591-7286
  Vice President Eagle Pass   Gilbert Bermea, Jr.   (830) 758-4111
  Vice President Del Rio   Connie Buchanan   (830) 703-1555
  Dean of Liberal Arts   Dr. Cheryl Sanchez   (830) 591-7202
  Dean of Applied Sciences   Johnny Guzman   (830) 591-7264 
  Dean of Workforce Education   Romelia Aranda   (830) 758-7388

Student Services Directors

  Luis Fernandez   Director of Admissions & Registrar   (830) 591-7255
  Irma Garcia   Business Office Director   (830) 591-7292
  Yvette Hernandez   Financial Aid Director   (830) 591-7318
  Lorena Lopez   Advising/Counseling Director   (830) 591-7352
  Randa Schell   Director of Student Success and Engagement   (830) 591-2908
  Michelle Torres   Outreach Director   (830) 591-7231
  Vacant   Library Services Director   (830) 591-7203

Mission Statement

Southwest Texas Junior College is a comprehensive, public college serving eleven counties in Southwest Texas. The College provides accessible, affordable, high-quality education that prepares students to successfully transfer to senior colleges and universities; enter the job market; pursue their professional and personal goals; and contribute to the economic growth of the region.