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Business Office Mission Statement

The Business Office is dedicated to supporting the mission of Southwest Texas Junior College to provide accessible, affordable, high quality education by providing financial services with integrity, creativity, flexibility, respect, confidentiality, and professionalism.  Our mission is to promote fiscal responsibility by providing our clients with the necessary services to fulfill their financial obligations to or from the College while maintaining the College’s principles and safeguarding the assets of the College.

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Overview and Hours

The Southwest Texas Junior College Business Office serves and supports our faculty, staff, administration, and most importantly, our students, with accurate and timely information delivered in a clear and thoughtful manner with quality service.

The SWTJC Business Office is located on the Uvalde campus. The Business Office hours are: Monday-Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm, Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

To contact the Business Office: call (830) 591-7365 or visit us in the Flores Building. 

Business Office Policies
Purchasing Card (P-Card) Policy
Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 

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Business Office

FAQs about the 1098-T Tax Form (.pdf)
Authorization to Deduct from Wages (.doc)
Authorization for Drug/Alcohol Testing (.pdf)
     Employee Standards of Conduct - Searches and Alcohol/Drug Testing (DHB Local) Policy (.pdf)
Cell Phone Stipend Agreement (.pdf)
Cell Phone Stipend Form (.pdf)
Donation to Local Government
Guest Speaker Contract (.pdf)
Object Codes for Dept. (.xls)
Remote Network Access Request Form (.pdf)
SWTJC Sales Tax Exempt Form (.pdf)
W-9 (substitute) (.pdf)
WebAdvisor Web Request a Payment Manual (.pdf)
WebAdvisor Web Requisition Manual (.pdf) 


Purchasing Card (P-Card) Policy

P-Card Forms

     Application Form (.pdf)
     Cardholder Agreement Form (.pdf)
     Reconciliation Form (.pdf)
     Transaction Log (.xls)
     Travel P-card Application (.pdf) 

Other Purchasing Forms

     Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate (.pdf)
     Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (.pdf)
     SWTJC Sales Tax Exempt Form (.pdf)
     W-9 (substitute) (.pdf)


Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate (.pdf)
Travel Advance/Petty Cash (.xls)
Travel P-card Application (.pdf)
Travel Reimbursement Requisition (.pdf)
Instructions for Travel Reimbursement Requisition (.pdf)
Vehicle Request Form (.pdf)

Per Diem Rates FY 2015 (external link)
First & Last Day of Travel Meals and Incidental Expenses Breakdown (external link) 

Budget Tools

For more information on your department’s current budget numbers and expenses log on to WebAdvisor. Click on Employees. Click on Budget selection. Enter your six digit departmental number.

FY 2016 Operating Budget (.pdf)
FY 2015 Operating Budget
FY 2014 Operating Budget (.pdf)
FY 2013 Operating Budget
FY 2012 Operating Budget (.pdf)
FY 2011 Operating Budget (.pdf)

Budget Template (.xls)

Expense categories:

   GL Object Codes (.xls)

   2014-15 Summary Check Register (.pdf)
   2013-14 Summary Check Register (.pdf)
   2012-13 Summary Check Register (.pdf)

   2014-2015 Legislative Appropriations Request (.pdf)
   2012-2013 Legislative Appropriations Request (.pdf)
   2010-2011 Legislative Appropriations Request (.pdf)

   FY 2014 Annual Financial Report (.pdf)   
   FY 2013 Annual Financial Report (.pdf)
   FY 2012 Annual Financial Report (.pdf)
   FY 2011 Annual Financial Report (.pdf)
   FY 2010 Annual Financial Report (.pdf)

Governor's 5% General Revenue Reduction Request (.pdf)

Investment Information

Southwest Texas Junior College does not employ outside investment advisors or managers.

Southwest Texas Junior College does not use soft dollar, directed brokerage, or directed commission, commission recapture, or similar arrangements.

Southwest Texas Junior College is not associated with an independent endowment or foundation. However, SWTJC is associated with a component unit - Southwest Texas Junior College Foundation, Inc.

SWTJC Investment Policy
Investment Disclosure Statements

Quarterly and Annual Investment Reports:

Fiscal Year 2015
        May 2015 Quarterly Investment Report
        February 2015 Quarterly Investment Report
        November 2014 Quarterly Investment Report   

   Fiscal Year 2014 Investment Report
   Fiscal Year 2013 Investment Report
   Fiscal Year 2012 Investment Report
   Fiscal Year 2011 Investment Report
   Fiscal Year 2010 Investment Report
   Fiscal Year 2009 Investment Report

Other Information:

   Independent Auditor's Report on Compliance with the Texas State Public Funds Investment Act