Student Right-to-Know & Campus Security Act

Student Right-to-Know & Campus Security Act

In compliance with the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act (the Act), 20 USC §§1092(a), (e) and (f), as amended, the college collects specified information on campus crime statistics, campus security policies, and institutional completion or graduation rates. Pursuant to the federal law, alleged victims of violent crime are entitled to know results of campus student disciplinary proceedings concerning the alleged perpetrators.

SWTJC will issue timely warnings to the campus community of crimes considered to pose an ongoing threat to students and employees. SWTJC will publish and distribute an annual report of campus security policies and crime statistics to all current students and employees; provide copies of the report to applicants for enrollment or employment upon request; and submit a copy of the report to the Secretary of Education. This report will reference crimes which occur on campus, unobstructed public areas immediately adjacent to or running through campus, and certain non-campus facilities when such statistics are available from local police departments.  SWTJC will also maintain a public crime log of all crimes that occur on campus or within the patrol jurisdiction of the campus police that are reported to the campus police.

SWTJC will annually calculate and disclose institutional completion or graduation rates for all prospective and current students.

SWTJC will also publish an annual security report, which includes its policy regarding sex-related offenses, sexual assault prevention programs, education programs to promote awareness of sex offenses, administrative disciplinary procedures and sanctions for offenders, and counseling and student affairs for victims.

Before offering athletically-related student aid to a potential student athlete, SWTJC will provide certain information on graduation rates specified by the Act to the prospective student and to the student’s parents, guidance counselor, and coach.


Clery Statistics for 2013, 2014, and 2015
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