Automotive Body Repair Technology Certificate Level 1, 2 and A.A.S. (47.0603)

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Faculty and Staff

L Fernandez
Luis M. Fernandez
Business, Industrial, and Technical
Studies Division Chair
(830) 591-7304

J Aviles
John Aviles
(830) 591-4161


The purpose of the Automotive Body Repair Technology program is to give students the training needed to repair collision damage, straighten frames and replace body panels.  Instruction will also be given in welding, cutting, painting and estimating.  Students will learn the use of fiberglass and plastic fillers.  Graduates of the program will be employable as entry-level service technicians at an independent shop or dealership.

Admissions Requirements

Students are admitted to the Automotive Body Repair Technology program through the regular college admission procedures (see Admission Regulations section).  Students will receive a one-year Certificate, two-year Certificate and/or an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree upon satisfactory completion of the program of study and upon making formal application for graduation (see Curricula section).

The Automotive Body Repair Technology program carries three award options, a one-year Certificate, a two-year Certificate, and an A.A.S. degree.  The one-year Certificate is TSI exempt, however, those not meeting TSI requirements are encouraged to enroll in the appropriate developmental course(s).

Students who wish to pursue the two-year A.A.S. degree or the two-year certificate must meet Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements.

Program of Study

Automotive Body Resources