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Teresa Crow
Student Engagement Specialist
(830) 591-7284

Spring 2018 Student Activities Event Calendar
Date Event Location & Time
1/24/2018 Brown Bag Workshop: Portal/WebAdvisor SSC Resource Lab | 12:00 pm
1/25/2018 Get to Know You Jenga Student Activities Lounge | TBA
2/1/18 BHM Kahoot & Snacks Student Activities Lounge
2/7/18 Brown Bag Workshop: TI-83 Calculator SSC Resource Lab | 12:00 pm
2/8/2018 Words Have Power Student Activities Lounge | TBA
2/15/2018 Movie Day: Woodlawn Student Activities Lounge | TBA
2/20/2018 Shoot Pool with the President Student Activities Lounge | TBA
2/21/2018 Railroad to Freedom Student Activities Lounge | TBA
2/22/2018 College Crossroads TBA
3/5/2018 Build Your Own Safety Kit MSC Ballroom
3/6/2018 Blood Drive MSC Bluebonnet Room
3/7/2018 Brown Bag Workshop: Library Resources SSC Resource Lab | 12:00 pm
3/7/2018 Self Defense Course La Forge Hall Gymnasium - Racquetball Room
3/8/2018 Grillin' with the President Fountain Courtyard | TBA
3/12-16/2018 Spring Break
3/22/2018 Graduation Game Student Activities Lounge | TBA
4/4/2018 Kickball Tournament La Forge Hall Gymnasium |TBA
4/4/2018 Brown Bag Workshop: How to Calculate GPA & How to Read a Degree Plan SSC Resource Lab | 12:00 pm
4/12/2018 Scavenger Easter Egg Hunt Student Activities Lounge | TBA
4/18/2018 Palm's Fest TBA
4/26/2018 De-stress Before Finals Yoga MSC Atrium
5/2/2018 Brown Bag Workshop: Stress Management SSC Resource Lab | 12:00 pm

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